Who We Are

Jeon Ju Restaurant originates from the city of Jeon Ju, Korea, a well-known district for its bibimbap. Now, as a second generation owner in the family business, I, Jennifer Lee, still see the vision my parents and people have set before me. I look to service your needs and put my full-hearted effort to provide the best bibimbap L.A. has to offer. 

What is Bibimbap?

-Bibimbap is a signature healthy Korean dish.  The word literally means "mixed rice" as it is served as a bowl of warm rice topped with many vegetables*, a choice of toppings, along with a fried egg and thin slices of seaweed. 

-There is no specific recipe for bibimbap because the consumer can choose which vegetables go into the dish. Typically, people enjoy to mix the bowl with Gochujang (hot chili paste), but others have complimented their bibimbap with seasoned soy sauce, or none at all to be able to taste the unique tastes of the vegetables.

*Vegetables include  soybean sprouts, carrots, mushrooms, squash, radish, rape flower, kimchi, and garlic chives